Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY Making Digital Clock using AT89S51 (Jam digital)

For  long time I don't update my blog, Here I try to ask to make digital clock using AT89S51. it's very simple circuit to creating digital clock.

For this time, I change size 2x3cm 7 segment into 10x20cm. but I make my self the 7 segments. I use 2pcs LED each segment to saving cost and use drinking pipe with white color. It makes like a neon when the LED is shine. You can use any LED color as you like.

Here is the visualization of Digital Clock:

Figure 1. Glow in the dark
Your can make the 7 segment  by dot PCB as a board. You can see it as picture below.

Figure 2. Prototype board
Circuit diagram you can download it here
Hex file can be download here.

Good Luck


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  2. Can you update again?
    the Circuit diagram and Hex file