Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Surround Sound Filter (Membuat sendiri filter surround)

Today, I'm going to make a surround sound filter.
This filter can make the sound is life. as like in concert.

The first think is we should have 4 speakers, which is placed on front 2 pcs and rear 2 pcs.
Let's see the schematic. find it here.

There is symbol in output. here is the description:
LF --> Left Front.
LR --> Left Rear.
RR --> Right Rear.
RF --> Right Front.

The placement is easy enough. find it here.

This combination can make the sound is surrounded us. the other side, the cost is very cheap.

For CTR and Sub is my next project.
The target is home theater 5.1

Just wait for my home theater project.

Good Luck.

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