Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Make a Powerfull Subwoofer filter (Membuat filter subwoofer)

Here is my subwoofer project.
One of my subwoofer speaker is using this filter. with woofer (8ohm) speaker can transform to subwoofer system.
First time, you should make the filter to passing low sound and reject high sound.

Find the circuit here.

After finish make the filter, use power amplifier to drive the speaker. I only use 150watt OCL power amplifier.

Make two speaker in seri to get resistance 16 Ohm.
Don't make it in paralel, because the resistance is going to 4 Ohm, and it makes the speaker damage.

I use 8 inch woofer speaker by 2 pcs in one box.

the final subwoofer is like this. I placed in my car.
Finished Subwoofer
Just feel the power of low sound and enjoy.
If you don't get the lowest sound. kindly to double filter. the result is very powerfull, and change the speaker into real subwoofer speaker.

Good luck

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